It’s never too late to pursue your true passion! That’s the realization I came to after 15 years selling chemicals & pharmaceuticals for Fortune 500 companies.

I fell in love with photography while in High School, thanks to my dad and his second-hand Pentax® 35mm. You’d find me out shooting people and places, like the Oregon District in downtown Dayton. Then, like many of us, I somehow fell in to a path – heading away from my passion – that resulted in me studying Biology & Chemistry, graduating from the University of Cincinnati, and a career in sales.

Yet, during those 15 years, I continued with my photography whenever I could make time. I tirelessly sought out new & interesting subject matter, and added to my collection of equipment & cameras. I sharpened my photographic skills through continuing education at the University level, as well as seminars, workshops, and private instruction from noted & award-winning photographers.

Then, one day, as I was going through one of those life changing, transformational experiences (too long, painful, and humorous to explain here!), I realized that my “hobby” was really my passion, and that it was meant to be my profession.

Now, you can find me in the studio or on location, creating images that showcase my client’s products, convey their messages, or bring their ideas to life. I’m not satisfied until I deliver your project on budget, on time and with photos that surpass your expectations…after all, it’s my passion.